Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's on your table for the holidays?

Everyone has a Christmas centerpiece, right? In clearing off all of the excess clutter from our dining room table today, I wondered what everyone else had as their centerpiece for the holidays. I always admire how creative and festive people can get. Here's mine, and I'd love to see yours!
Mine is a handmade ceramic bowl, with decorative charms on it. Fore some reason, I don't do well with table runners, so I simply placed the bowl on a red charger. To keep in the color scheme I filled it with large mints and Peppermint Hersey's Kisses. This bowl is so much fun...not just for Christmas, but any time of year. You can change out the charms for practically any occasion you can think of. I've got Halloween charms, baby charms for a baby shower, wedding ones, 4th of July. Everyone always says how fun it is, and how great it looks on any food covered table.

Sharon is from Ft. Worth and makes these and other great homemade items

I love the cake stands too, but the bowl was more versatile. I've put anything from brownie bites to fruit salad, to sausage balls in mine.

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