Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Breakfast

So, I don't make breakfast that often...not a "sit-down breakfast" anyway. My typical breakfast for the week is made on Sunday-I make either egg and cheese bagels, or egg and potato burritos...something like that. I make enough for the week, wrap them up, and stash them in the fridge. This way, I can grab that and some fruit and get out the door, and I definitely don't have to get up earlier. I'm not a morning person after all! Every once in a weekend, I'll make waffles (frozen ones), pancakes (from a mix), or scrambled eggs and toast (really, how hard is that?), or cereal. OK, I know you don't "make" cereal, but you get my point.

So after scoring such a fantabulous deal on my gorgeous, new, dishes (and silver Christmas tree centerpieces and sparkly place mats) this week, I had to set the table. Obviously, I then felt obligated to make a really special meal so we could enjoy this! Since Brett and I decided to do "our Christmas" on Christmas Eve morning, it was perfect...I would cook breakfast that morning. But wait, it had to be frozen, pop it in the toaster, or pour milk over it in a bowl breakfast. Something yummy. I realized I might have to go to some trouble.

I love instead of from-a-mix pancakes, I'd make homemade ones. And to "kick it up a notch" I would add fresh blueberries. Fruit salad would be on the menu as well-that is a must for a good well rounded breakfast. And, Eggs Benedict...Brett would be SO excited about this. It's his favorite, and goodness knows it's not something I just whip up at home.
I found the pancake recipe on Angela's blog ( The only thing I did different was add the blueberries.

So here's where my "going to trouble" came in...the Eggs Benedict. I had good intentions, I promise. But as Christmas Eve came near, the thoughts of this recipe scared me. The sauce seemed really easy to screw up, and I've never poached an egg. I didn't want it to be bad. I hope I don't loose any of my 3 blog followers for this, but...I chickened out. I ended up using a sauce mix, and just making over easy eggs. For the record, I did try to poach an egg, and it just didn't work out. I'm sure a couple more eggs later I could have mastered it, but I was getting excited and my dishes were waiting. The sauce actually turned out very good, the eggs were a good consistency, and it was perfect atop the Canadian bacon and English muffins!

So, I cheated a little, but give me some credit on the pancakes...those were the real deal, and SUPER yummy. Brett really like blueberries, so he ended up with them on top of his as well! He approved the Eggs Benedict, and assured me it was delicious.
As far as the fruit, I added sliced bananas to a melon/pineapple/grape mix that I bought.
The mostly prepared fruit and easy sauce mix ended up saving me alot of time, and everything was still so good. I'm sure I will make REAL Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict someday. All in all, this was all about my new dishes and table scape, right?? Not the food!! :)